Welcome Spring. Combined Reflexology & Japanese Massage.

You love Reflexology but you are also curious about Japanese Massage? Combine the two into one treatment. Enjoy a full 90 minutes and the benefits of both therapies. For the month of March I offer this combined treatment for €65 (normal price €80). Vouchers for this offer are also available in EKKO Shop.

Spring is the ideal time to let go of the old and to make room for new life, fresh ideas, and  renewed creativity. It is a time for cleansing and rejuvenation for overall health and well-being and the perfect time to reconnect with ourselves.


We start this combined treatment with Japanese Massage focusing on all your pain points. May it be muscle tension, heavy & sore shoulders, back pain, headaches, stress & anxiety or digestive issues, I tailor my treatment to your needs.
JapaneseMassage is a gentle and deep treatment working on your acupressure points and Ki energy balance. Observing blockages and deficiencies in Ki energy allows to clear and revitalize affected areas in the body. When Ki energy is flowing freely, a natural movement towards balance and health can begin using the body’s inherent capacity for self-regulation and healing.
Performed through light clothing, pressure is applied via fingers andpalms. Together with joint rotations and gentle stretches Japanese Massage relieves unhelpful tension and pain, restores a free flow of energy and brings holistic awareness to body, emotions and mind.

This will be followed by Reflexology, a gentle healing practice using pressure to reflex areas on the feet. Each such reflex is linked to an organ or body system so that working a reflex on the feet also stimulates a response in the body.
Enjoy a relaxing hot water wrap infused with lime and grapefruit. This is pure pampering and deeply relaxing. For the foot treatment I am using a refreshing and nourishing foot balm of geranium, lavender & peppermint essential oils.
Reflexology is a wonderful therapy for active relaxation, stress management, rebalancing hormones, relieving PMS symptoms, boosting your metabolism and immune system. It revitalizes your energy levels and helps create a stronger body and a calmer mind.
Your treatment will be tailored to your specific needs so that you get maximum benefit of both therapies.

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