Let your hair down.

I just cannot get enough of spring, its energy, its urgency. Earth and sky have come alive. Green shoots push through the soil. Daffodils, magnolia trees and cherry blossom. Birds foraging for nesting, bees humming. Spring is the time of rebirth and activity. Qi energy is moving upwards, driving greens above ground, pushing trees and shrubs to bud.
And we too feel Qi energy moving in our bodies and minds. I feel the force to move outdoors. There is an urgency to change, to start anew, to make and to create.
So what do we do with it? We do and we make. We follow our energy and bouts of activity. What we sow in spring we will harvest later in the year.

So let’s catch the early morning sun. Indulge in a brisk morning walk in nature. It’s time to let our hair down and play catch with the wind. Listen to the waves, stick a toe into the sea. Feel the sand under our feet and smell the rain. Let’s climb a mountain. Awaken. Let our spirits be raised by nature.

Spend time in the garden, get rid of water logged pots and all stagnant energy. Sow wild flowers for the bees, get our seeds into peat pots so they can germinate. Let’s encourage the budding Qi to flow. In us and in others.

Follow those bouts of artistic creativity. Pick up your writing, painting or photograph making. Create. Never done this before does not matter. Give it a go and see where it leads. Spring is bold and couragous. Spring is giving birth. Whatever needs changing and beginning in our lives – new hobby, new job, new you – the time is now.


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