From One Woman to Another

I’m absolutely delighted to be stocking Knitted Knockers at Ekko Therapies for any woman who has undergone a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or similar procedures. Knitted Knockers are handmade. They are super soft, comfortable, absolutely gorgeous to touch, and, when placed in a regular bra, take the shape and feel of a real breast.
And they are totally free courtesy of the wonderful ladies from Knitted Knockers Ireland. who volunteer their time to knit and crotchet each knocker – one woman for another.
If you or someone you know would like to pick up a pair and try them, please get in touch.

KK for Shell Seekers

Q: What happens when I call in for a pair of Knitted Knockers.
A: It is very informal, just call to arrange a time.  We have a some samples so you are welcome to try them on to get a feel. Or just chose a pair of knockers that suit size and colour and take them home.

Q: How do Knitted Knockers differ to traditional prosthesis?
A: Traditional breast prosthetics can be expensive, heavy, sweaty and uncomfortable. They typically require special bras or camisoles with pockets and can’t be worn for several weeks after surgery.

Q: Can Knitted Knockers be adjusted in size?
Knitted Knockers come in all main bra sizes (Yes!) and a whole variety of colours.
They can be easily adjusted to for uneven breasts or those going through reconstruction by simply removing some of the stuffing.

Q: What are Knitted Knockers made off?
A: Knitted Knockers are knitted or crotchet by a group of lovely volunteers with cotton or acrylic wool.

Q: Where can I find the kitting patterns for Knitted Knockers?
A: Have a look at the Knitted Knockers Ireland website for patterns, knitting groups, contact details and more.

Q: Are there any other stores who stock Knitted Knockers.
A: Yes there are stores across the country. Pleasse check the Knitted Knockers Ireland Facebook Page who regularly shares a list of stores involved.


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