Shiatsu Body Therapy & Sound

… for Stress, Back Pain and Deep Healing.

If you are struggling with stress, back pain and overwhelm then this combined 90 minute Shiatsu & Sound treatment is for you. One treatment to ease pain, shake anxiety, calm mind chatter and return to a sense of deep calm and inner strength.

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How will Shiatsu & Sound help me?

Head HoldShiatsu Body Therapy addresses stress and its side kicks exactly where you feel it. Through gentle and deep touch Shiatsu

  • releases neck and shoulder tension
  • reduces backpain & headaches,
  • calms worry in the stomach,
  • lifts anxiety from the chest,
  • settles overwhelm and mindless chatter in the head,
  • helps you find restorative sleep at night.

Emotionally and energetically, it allows your chi/life-force to flow and brings a sense of deep calm, self-assurance and inner strength.

Complementing your Shiatsu session with the healing sounds created from Himalayan Tibetan singing bowlSinging Bowls allows you to remain on the futon / plinth and gives your body more rest to integrate the treatment. The frequencies and vibrations of sound are beautifully calming to hear and can be felt in every cell of your body. Sound deepens your relaxation and breathing further, grounds your body in the here and now. It resonates deeply within helping you and your body to heal on all levels.

Treatment Time: 90 minutes
Fee: €75 (Save €20)
Valid: 31 July 2019

If you feel heard please be in touch by either booking online in Selfcare Offers (and receive a online discount) or contact me directly on 087 6710280.

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Shiatsu & Sound Healing


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