Shiatsu Taster Treatments in Malahide & Artane | September

If you are curious about Shiatsu Body Therapy and how it may help you, book yourself into a taster session. September is Shiatsu Awareness Month so throughout September, I offer Shiatsu taster sessions of 40 minutes every Wednesday in Artane and every Thursday, Friday and Sunday in Malahide.

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Shiatsu Tasters Malahide & Artane

What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is a body therapy greatly effective to relieve stress, anxiety, excessive worrying, fatigue, pain, upper and lower backpain, neck stiffness, shoulder tension, joint mobility, flexibility, asthma & breathing related problems, digestive challenges and more.

Shiatsu originates in Japan and is given on a futon on floor level or on a massage table through light clothing. Having developed alongside Acupuncture, Shiatsu uses the same meridian and acupressure system minus the needles. We work with our hands, thumbs and arms, palming, gentle stretching and muscle release techniques. Each session starts with a Hara or Back diagnosis – our way of listening to what the body has to tell. We connect to your energy and release stagnation, establish flow and bring balance where needed. The result is a gentle and deep reaching treatment that benefits you and your body on a physical, energetic and emotional level. If you are curious, try it.

When: Throughout September.
Every Wednesday in Artane | Every Thursday, Friday & Sunday in Malahide.
Where: Kilmore Road in Artane | 6 James Terrace in Malahide.
Who: All those curious about Shiatsu welcome. Note that Artane is a ladies only clinic.
Costs: €30 for 40 minute session

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