Feeling Amazing the Japanese Way

Feel Better in 2020
No Stress. No Pain. Just Balance & Amazing-ness

“It’s like you’re touching my soul, like you make me whole again.”

“I felt the benefits almost immediately on my lower back, shoulders and neck”
– Lillian

If you tried everything from Physio to Yoga and you’re still not great, it may be time to restore your vital energies, release your tension and rebalance your emotions. Gentle and yet deeply healing Zen Shiatsu is body therapy which helps you reconnect with your body and get in touch with your Self. Just as the new year begins there is nothing more powerful than being in synch with our dreams and hopes, and knowing beyond doubt of your own innate strength and resoures to do it anyway.
My Shiatsu taster sessions are back this January and I invite you to pause to find your inner calm, revitalise your energies and balance body and mind … in time for all your 2020 plans.

I went to see Cindy with a very very painful lower back due to muscular injury and my movements were also very limited with the pain and tension. Cindy applied Shiatsu in a gentle and confident way that relaxed me and immediately after I was more flexible and pain is diminishing. A huge difference!!! Would highly recommend Cindy for back pain.
– Caroline

To enjoy Shiatsu yourself please be in touch or book directly online.

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