When We Show Up

It’s New Years eve and the world is reviewing the year that’s been. I used to shy away from this kind of thing. The Inner Critic would have had a field day and deliver a ready list of all the things I had not done.
Today I know this list will always be there and I’m glad it will. I have a creative mind, it’ll never stop popping out ideas and things to do. I think, therefore I list.

My favourite list though is the last page in my journal. I leave a note every time I do something I set out to do, was scared of and did anyway, did because it really meant a lot to me or stuck with me for one reason or another. Looking at this list now, it is incredible how much we do in a single year, how many moments big and small were meaningful, and how many things were scary then and have faded into the background since. Many of them don’t even come up when I think back. We forget. And this is why I love this list.

It shows so many of the stepping stones we take on our very own journeys, it is full of moments when we show up for ourselves, encounters, learnings big and small, and it’s full of people we love and those we had the courage to tell ‘No’. It’s a great antidote to a bad day too, just read it. I can only encourage you to start your own. You’ll feel a proper heroine this time next year.

Here are some highlights, some big, some small but all meaningful to my year with you.

✨ I’m five years cancer free ✨ I learnt to plaster (don’t ask!) ✨ My highlight and a life changer: I am training with Gabor Maté and his trauma informed approach to body therapy. It has already changed everything I do ✨ I held a fully booked weekly Shiatsu clinic for the year in Aoibhneas Women’s & Children’s Refuge . You won’t find a braver woman than the one who said ‘Enough!’. I’m in awe of you. ✨

I spent some beautiful Soulful Saturdays with Evelyn of Simply Shiatsu in Leixlip pampering couples with all things holistic goodness. On one of our walks afterwards we sat by the Liffey among poppies and daisies and it still feels like a perfect afternoon.

✨ I went on summer holiday to Norway with my dear mama who simply runs up mountains, no fear whatsoever ✨ I properly settled into my holistic home at James’s Terrace and feel deep gratitude for this gentle space Belén so openly shares, her knowlegde and experience, I love our therapy shares and coffees together and sure there shall be more ✨
I met the incredible Tara Boo of the Biscuit Community, I’m forever grateful to her belief in anyone’s capacity to be simply amazing ✨ I trained with the Queen of Sound, Carmel at Celtic School of Sound Healing and loved it. ✨ Oh and with Wellmother Suzanne Yates in London to deepen my Shiatsu for Pregnancy and Maternity. What an eye opener, I learnt so much, and spent four amazing days with wonderful friends and fellow Shiatsu therapists Evelyn & Lorena ✨ I slept in a treehouse in Skibbereen ✨ Made Kimchi for the first time and plenty since ✨

The gift of a sunflower to all clients to brighten a particular grey day in March remains with me

I finally put my camera shy self in front of a camera and gave up control to Ana of Ana Dorado Photography. If you need pro pictures, she’s your women. ✨ I definitely found my favourite speed sign on Beara in Wesht Cork.

✨And here I will leave you with a heart full of gratitude and wonder. Love & health to you all in 2020, we shall soon meet again.

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