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Be Busy Be Well.
Employee Wellness for your Office.

Ekko Therapies offers a complete and hassle free way for you and your employees to enjoy the benefits of Shiatsu Chair Massage, Head Neck Back Massage and Reflexology onsite.

Each treatment is a tailored to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, and boost energy levels leaving your employees relaxed, invigorated and ready to return to work with more concentration.
All treatments are done through light clothing, are non-intrusive and are performed on a massage chair or plinth as your staff member prefers.

Shiatsu Chair Massage is a tailored back, neck, shoulder and arms treatment to reduce stress and boosts your energy. It is performed through light clothing, no oils involved. Using a unique set of acupressure points and stretches, each treatment is devised to promote relaxation and melt away muscle tension, leaving you invigorated and energised.

Similar to above, the Head Neck and Back Massage focus on tightness in the neck, shoulders and back, releasing muscle tension and stress. It includes a gentle head massage which is beautifully refreshing. The Head Neck and Back Massage is done on a massage table.

Reflexology is a gentle healing practice which uses gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet. Each such reflex is linked to an organ or body system so that working a reflex on the feet also stimulates a response in the body. Reflexology is a wonderful therapy for active relaxation, stress management, revitalized energy and concentration.

What are the benefits for your employees:

  • Feel relaxed, calm and revitalized in 20 minutes
  • Reduces physical and mental stress and fatigue
  • Relieves muscle tension and associated pain
  • Reduces back pain and headaches
  • Active relaxation reduces blood pressure, promotes deeper breathing and circulation
  • Revitalizing your energy levels
  • Increase your mental alertness and concentration
  • Boosts memory
  • Calms your sympathetic nervous system
  • Like a break? Love a massage.

What are the benefits for the employers:image1

  • Reduces stress
  • Relieves muscle tension, back pain and headaches
  • Employees feel valued and rewarded.
  • Enhances workplace performance and improves team atmosphere
  • Reduce absenteeism rates and associated costs
  • Reduces healthcare costs
  • Boosts health & wellbeing awareness
  • Leads to fewer accidents
  • Treatments fit into employee breaks
  • Improve your productivity and bottom line
  • Enhances your corporate image internally and externally

I am fully insured and a registered member of the Irish Massage and Bodywork Association, National Register of Reflexologists Ireland and the Shiatsu Society of Ireland.

Onsite treatments are hassle free and affordable. I work to your schedule, available hours and number of employees. Whatever your preference I’ll tailor my treatments to 10 or 20 minutes, or provide full one hour treatments, always giving maximum benefit to your staff. My rates are competitive and I offer flexible payment methods.

Chose to fully pay or subsidize treatments, or let employees self-fund it. Some of the fees may be claimed back via private health insurance with VHI, Irish Life (former Aviva), Glo Health and Laya Healthcare if held by employees.

With over 12 years in the corporate world I will respect your office policies. It will not disrupt your working day but bring a stress free and enjoyable experience to you and your employees. Corporate references are available on request.

Show your staff you care, create a positive work environment, improve your productivity and bottom line.

What do I need:

All I need is a small space. Most employers provide a small meeting room but a private space of 2 x 3 meters or 6 x 9 feet works very well.

Contact me for more information, bookings or a quote:

Cindy Morrissey, MIMTA, MNRRI
Telephone: 087 67 10 280

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