Breathing Space

If you need a short retreat, a pick me up or just some space to breath for a minute, join me here. You’ll find a mix of short breathing and compassion practices, meditations I love and use myself. If you have any meditation wishes email me and I add them to this space.

5 Minute Checkin

A five minute checking perfect for a brief time out during the day. Five minutes is all it takes to bring us back to our selves, catch our breath … before we get on with our day.

Self Compassion Practice

A brief compassion practice to stay grounded in the body during those moments when we experience stress, overwhelm, when we have been triggered and struggling. Staying in the body, anchored in the here and now, prevents our mind to take us back to events of the past or fears of the future. Staying in the body helps us become calm and return to compassion for ourselves.

Settling the Mind

A breathing exercise of 5-10 minutes which, when practiced regularly, gives us real power to slow down the mind and anchor in the present moment using equalised breathing.

Compassion for a Struggling Part

In Compassionate Inquiry we become aware of our struggling parts and their needs to be seen and heard, their need to be acknowledged, allowed to be. Having learnt throughout our lives to suppress, ignore and criticise these often uncomfortable parts of ourselves, we need a new practice in our lives to meet those needs. When we become compassionate and kind to ourselves, those parts have their needs met. And when they do, they stop running our lives and motivate our decisions. Accpeting all of ourselves, see ourselves truly and compassionate, everything changes.

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