Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers make a beautiful and nourishing present for someone special to you.

Simply purchase your voucher below and pay via paypal or card. I will post your vouchers within 24 hours to an address of your choice.
All vouchers are valid for 5 years from purchase.
Open Voucher

Give a voucher of €50.00 towards a treatment of their choice.

Gift Voucher | €50.00 

An Hour of Me Time

Enjoy any hourly treatment from the current offering incl. Shiatsu, Reflexology, Massage, Indian Head, Hot Stone Massage and more.

Gift Voucher | €75.00 

Signature Treatments

Enjoy any 90 minute treatment from the current offering including my Signature treatment:

Shiatsu & Reflexology

Indian Head Back & Shoulder Massage & Reflexology

Voucher | €95

Online Vouchers.

If you’re time critical purchase an online vouchers, download it and email it to your loved one.

Gift a Treatment to Charity

One day a week I volunteer my time and experience as Shiatsu Therapist in Aoibhneas, a front line refuge from domestive violence for women and children in North Dublin

If you would like to support me and my ladies in Aoibhneas I’d love it if you sponsored a treatment. This will enable me to provide a full day of Shiatsu sessions in Aoibhneas every week. At the end of 2019 I have given well over 240 hourly Shiatsu and Reflexology treatments.

“Cindy provides amazing support to women engaged in our service. Her service assists women’s recovery and healing from domestic abuse; a much needed and vital intervention.
Without Cindy dedicating her skills and services free of charge we wouldn’t be able to offer this vital resource.”

Emma Reidy, Aoibhneas CEO

Buy Me A Cuppa

I volunteer every Tuesday and give 4 sessions of Shiatsu, support, listening and so much more.
And afterwards I love a cuppa tea.
Buy me a cuppa to keep me goin.


Every Little Helps

To give is to empower someone else.
Give a once off donation with an amount of your choice.
A personal Email will come your way.

Open € Amount

Gift a Treatment

Gift a Treatment in place of a gift to a loved one.
A personal Email will come your way
a sponsorship card to a postal address of your choice.


I am truly grateful for any amount donated. You can chose the amount you wish to donate, make it a once off or monthly contribution. All will be ackonowledged via personal email. Donations from €50 will also receive a sponsorship voucher to a postal address of your choice.

Flexible Vouchers

As of December 2nd, 2019 we have new legislation in Ireland for vouchers and it is great news for consumers as it makes your vouchers super flexible.

  • All vouchers are valid at least five years, or be not subject to an expiry date at all. I’ve always honoured vouchers, expired or not, so there is no change if you have an EKKO Therapies voucher.
  • They’ll state both purchase and expiry date.
  • Are no longer required to be redeemed in a single transaction. So if you got a voucher for €100 you can redeem it over as many separate treatments as you like.
  • There is no limit to the number of gift vouchers redeemed in a single transaction. If you are lucky enough to hold multiple vouchers you are free to combine their value and use them together.
  • Vouchers are acepted even if not in your name. Somebody passed on their voucher because ‘it’s just not their thing’. I’d love you to have it and book in with it. It’ll be a blissful day for you.

If you are buying vouchers make sure this is what you’ll get. You will get it from me. Give it a scroll up to see all my voucher options.