EKKO – the name

Life is Echo. Ekko is Life.

During a Japanese Massage or Shiatsu treatment, the experience of “echo” has a special place. Giver and receiver often feel a response in the body to acupressure points being held. These responses may have a fulness, numbness or tingling sensation elsewhere in the body. The feeling of an electric current traveling between two points. All of them are an echo of Ki, life energy, being moved during a treatment. It is referred to as the “echo of life”.about-ekko

I love the idea of the Echo and what it promises. The principle that everything we send out will reflect and return to us. What we give we will receive. The heart of my therapies is an authentic connection. No two treatments are the same, there is no such thing as a good routine. A great treatment is always one with a deep connection, support, and reflective of the receiver’s individual needs. EKKO describes this reflective practice.

The letters E.K.K.O are no coincidence but the initials of my four grand parents – Elli, Kurt, Käthe and Otto – who all taught me and who I hold dear.

EKKO is me.


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