I recommend

An overview of the therapists, teachers and often creative professionals I work with and whole heartedly recommend.

Emma Elliott-Kearns, Dip. Ac.

for all things Acupuncture including Fertility and Pregnancy Acupuncture. I attend Emma myself and can only recommend her.

Like me, she is based in River Holistic.

Shiatsu College Dublin Logo - If you are interested in Shiatsu training this is the place to go.

My training college and sanctuary for learning. If you are interested in Shiatsu training your journey begins here.

Agata Rossini
Yoga + Pilates in Studio and outdoors
Pregnancy Yoga + Pilates

Based in Malahide + Kinsealy

Mindfulness with Veronica Ellis
Courses and 1:1 sessions
Online + In Person

I trained with Veronica in Compassionate Inquiry and love her approach to mindfulness. Grounded in her own practice of near 20 years she offers a range of mindfulness courses as well as free guided sessions and walks.

Community and Coaching for Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs, run by the amazing lady that is Tara Prendergast.

A heaven of holistic experience and teaching. I spent most of my massage and reflexology training here and established my first clinic in the rooms of Essentials Holistic in Malahide.

If you are thinking of holistic training do talk to Jenny Sheridan about her courses.