Selfcare Offers

Shiatsu & Sound Healing1. Shiatsu Soul & Sound

Enjoy the combined benefits of Shiatsu Body Therapy & Sound Healing in one treatment.
Shiatsu is a head to toe full body treatment bringing deep relaxation and peace to body and mind followed by a personal Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes and Tingsha Cymbals to balance your Chakras.
Treatment Time: 90 minutes
Fee: €75 (Save €20)
Valid: 31 July 2019

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All of Me2. All of Me …
Enjoy the combined benefits of a
+ thorough 40 minute Back Neck & Shoulder Massage followed by
+ a Mini Indian Head Massage,
+ Chakra balancing Sound Healing using Tibetan Singing Bowls and
+ Hot Towel Reflexology to complete the treatment. This is the perfect selfcare session this summer for your body and soul.
Treatment Time: 105 minutes
Fee: €85
Valid: 30 June 2019

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3. Course of 4 Treatments:
Healing comes in Waves and a couple of weekly or fortnightly treatments can make a world of difference, reduce symptoms and pain, re-instate balance and wellbeing.
This offer is for 4 x 1 hour treatments, paid upfront €200 (save €40 or €10 per treatment, avail of your sessions witin 8 weeks)
Therapies available: Shiatsu, Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage –  all tailoured to your individual needs and treatment goals.

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Shiatsu & Reflexology

4. My Signature Treatment: Shiatsu with Hot Towel Reflexology

Do you love Reflexology but you are also curious about Japanese Shiatsu? Combine the two and benefit of both therapies in a beautifully nurturing 90 minute treatment.

Treatment time: 90 minutes
Fee: €75 (Save €10)