Love the Skin You’re In Gift


I was looking for ways to really lift someone, let them know I care, help them feel good about themselves in body and spirit. Feeling good doesn’t need an occassion.

Love the Skin You’re In is perfect for a close friend, a busy mum, a stressed out family member. It comes beautifully packaged in organic cotton and a personal message if you wish to include it.
If you like to chose a soap pick from Summer Breeze or Lavender & Bergamot. Otherwise I pick a lovely one for you.
The massage voucher is valid for 5 years and can be booked for a time that suits them. A full treatment menu and booking details come with it of course.


Love the Skin You’re In Gift includes one of my gorgeously scented soaps and a nourishing 45 minute massage. Packed with moisturising shea butter, soothing natural clays, gently exfoliating oatmeal and pure essential oils your morning shower will become a skin loving affair. Simply washing you’re hands may become wonderful moment of joy. Whether you prefer soap for hands alone or like to lather up your body my handmade aromatherapy soaps are a treat for skin and senses alike.
And there is no better way to let go of whatever weighs us down than nourishing and tactile bodywork. This may be a thorough back massage, gentle balancing Shiatsu or soothing Reflexology. Whatever the preference, when your body relaxes your spirits lift and we begin to love the skin we’re in.

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