Lavender Eye + Neck Pillows



I started using eye pillows during some of my massage sessions and it’s been such a treat for my clients.  They are so versatile in helping us ground and relax with their little bit of weight and lavender oils. Whether you use them at the end of a yoga class, for a few minutes of time out before the kids are home from school, to sooth an oncoming headache or to aid a good nights sleep, eye pillows always do the trick. Heated up and placed around the neck and shoulders, they are a fantastic bit of TLC after exercise to ease tension, after a day on a desk or behind the wheel.

☼ Handmade with recycled cotton, organic flax seeds from Flourish in Raheny and dried lavender flower from my garden.
☼ Use this pillow at room temperature, heated or chilled. To heat, place pillow into microwave in 30 second intervals until desired heat is reached. Do not overheat. To chill, place into the freezer for an hour before use. Once desired temperature is achieved place on forehead or neck to relax, calm your mind, relieve tension, headaches or pain, aid sleep.
☼ Removable cover. Handwash the cover at 30°C.


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