Forest Soul – Soy Wax Candle


Inspired by my childhood love to roam the local forests barefoot, knowing each tree by bark and leaf, the taste of fresh sap and beechnut, the fragrance of pine needle and fern. … A strengthening walk through the forest created with essential oils of pine, fir needle and cypress with a hint of fresh verbena.
Listen to the whispers of the tress, ground your bare feet among their roots, find strength and vitality within.

☼ Handmade by Cindy with 100% natural eco soy wax, cotton and essential oils
☼ Free from parabens, petrochemicals and other synthetics
☼ Presented in a classic fully reusable + recyclable apothecary style jar with tin lid and compostable labels
☼ Burn Time: 45 hours

Mood: At home with sky, tree, plant and earth.

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Ingredients: Eco Soy Wax, cotton wick and essential oils of Pine, Fir, Cypress and Verbena



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