Shiatsu LorenaI had a Japanese massage and reflexology treatment with Cindy just few days ago after a long journey the previous day. It was absolutely amazing, Cindy has a gift and great intuition, I didn’t have to say much she felt which parts need more attention- I still feel relaxed and balanced and very comfortable, ready for any challenge now. I highly recommend!                           Agata Rossini

Shiatsu Cushions
I went to see Cindy with a very very painful lower back due to muscular injury and my movements were also very limited with the pain and tension.Cindy applied Japanese Massage in a gentle and confident way that relaxed me and immediately after I was more flexible and pain is diminishing. A huge difference!!! Would highly recommend Cindy for back pain.
Caroline Coughlan


I was looking for a good reflexologist and I found one in Cindy. But not just that I found a wonderful Japanese Massage Therapist the same time. I think the two treatments complement each other perfectly. I can recommend Cindy not enough. I love her calmness and her ability to release tension through the Meridian points.
Angela Moser

BuddhaIt would be unfair to keep this to myself… I feel so smug right now… my little secret is… I just had Indian head, neck and back massage from Cindy Morrissey…the closest thing to lying on a beach with the sun on my face. I feel so happy and have a bounce in my step, feel so carefree! Cindy is fabulous!
Thank you so much!                                                  Caroline Coughlan

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I got my result Cindy. Inflammatory markers are all down. I know I am feeling so much better after reflexology but to know I’m able to manage my Crohns this way is just amazing. Thank you. thank you.


Had a chair massage with Cindy and I felt much lighter and relaxed afterwards, it was such a relief for my tense shoulders and neck! Cindy is an excellent professional, I look forward to having more sessions with her in the future.

Mayerling Marquez

St. Anne's Park Spring Blossoms

Really really enjoyed the massage so much that i fell asleep…..great work great hands.

Ruth Butler, Dublin

5 Online Japanese Massage_MG_8776I had a wonderful massage and reflexology treatment today from Cindy … felt the benefits almost immediately on my lower back and shoulders and neck ….Highly recommend Cindy and will definitely be back.
Lillian Benson

Shiatsu Cushions

Japanese massage has always been an amazing experience for me.
With Cindy it was beyond amazing! Thank you so much!

Luz Patterson, Malahide

5 Online Japanese Massage_MG_8776

I just had an amazing treatment off Cindy I normally suffer with neck and shoulder pain and she has worked it all out. I would recommend everyone try it as she really knows her stuff.
Shelley Mahon Eglington

BW Reflexology 8583
I have had a couple of massages from the very lovely Cindy and would highly recommend her.
Sinéad Greene

I had a treatment from Cindy after a very busy day. I found the treatment so soothing and relaxing, very gentle yet at the same time I felt she had really worked deep into my muscles. A great bonus was that I felt really energised afterwards, ready to enjoy a great night out. I will be booking a treatment regularly.

Jenny Sheridan


Had an experience with Cindy, for Shiatsu massage. That was mmmm, really nice and joyful for my muscles and joints. Shiatsu is when muscles and joints are dancing. That’s what I felt like. Definitely recommend Cindy as caring and gentle therapist , who listens not only to you, but to your body as well.
Thanking you Cindy!                  Natalia Zhurava

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