… to keep you going …

Motivation and Compassion for times of change, struggle and self doubt.

You can do this.

  1. Get help. There always is help and people are delighted to give it. Ask for it.
  2. When asked how you are by family, friend, neightbours, don’t tell them you’re fine when you’re not. Tell them you’re struggling. We don’t have to give them the whole story but we can tell them things are not ok. You may be surprised what support is offered to you.

3. Ask your children to help you. Children know when we’re struggeling, they pick up on everything and they are as good hiding it as we are. Being open about our struggle gives them a chance to understand what is happening. Equally important it tells them that our struggle is not about them or our love for them. Children only love to help. When you’re in it together you feel connected and supported. The smallest gesture of practical or emotional help can change a whole day for you as well as your kids. In the long term, it teaches them ways of coping with life’s struggles.
4. Begin your day with time for yourself. Yes, even if it means you have to wake up earlier. Think of a morning practice that grounds you, allows you to tune in and get ready for the day. It may be a 5 minute meditation while you’re still in bed, a cup of herbal tea or coffee you enjoy by yourself before the rest of the house wakes up, half an hour of writing to clear your thoughts, a few minutes of stretching the body and asking how does it feels today. A morning ritual can be as short or as long as you want it to be.

A morning ritual allows you to tune in, feel how you are within. Knowing how you feel allows you to decide how much you’re able to deal with today, what will have to wait and what support you may need. Knowing who we are today is a powerful way to live your day your way.

5. Mind your emotions. Know them and make room for them. When you are doing well, your kids will too.
6. Give your day some structure and routine. It’s easier to make room for our own needs when there is routine.
7. Chose not to do it all. We are constantly exposed to unachievable notions of perfection in life, parenthood, work. Everything seems so easy when we look at social media. Well in the real world, things are … real. We do not do it all and things often don’t come easy. Comparing ourselves to glossy social media ideas kills our happiness. Instead lets consider what is important to us personally? Who are we and what do we love in life. Let’s chose that. It’s perfect.
8. Take a social media break.

9. Connect with people. We are wired for human connection – physical and emotional – it is essential to our health. Having a cuppa and a chat, giving and receiving a hug, laughing together, touch … you need it.
10. Look after yourself, love the skin you’re in. You don’t have to leave the house, you can look and feel gorgeous just for yourself.
11. Make your home yours, decorate it, give it your colours. Make space for the things you love doing, a niche to reteat to, an altar with the things that give you strength. Make your home your sanctuary.
12. Pin your favourite motivational quotes on the fridge or wall to focus your thoughts. Don’t get stuck on negativity.
13. Write down three things you are grateful for every night. Gratitude is a powerful emotion and practiced regularly will lift your spirits and sense of self worth.
14. Make peace with yourself. Find a way to accept yourself the way you are. This is a practice too and the most important one for happiness within.

One day you look back and you’ll see how amazing you are.