Massage & Reflexology

Intuitive Meridian Massage – A Therapeutic Massage Tailoured To You.

Every body is different and so is every massage I give. When you come in with stressed, with back pain, anxiety, neck and shoulder tension, arthritis or migraines, I tailour your massage specifically to you..

Combining rhythmic massage strokes with the power of acupressure points to calm the nervous system and reduce pain. Following meridian lines with gentle flow or deep tissue pressure to work tight mucle. Opening joints with gentle stretching and making space where there is tightness. Bring in fragrant essential oils and hot stones, the possibilities are endless.
Meridian Massage is my take on intuitive massage that will make you feel amazing. It will rebalance you physically, emotionally and energetically.  Working you from head to toe, each treatment as unique as you.

I have trained in a variety of modalities, all of which are described below. Of course they all can be booked specifically.

“I was looking for a good reflexologist and I found one in Cindy. But not just that I found a wonderful Japanese Massage Therapist the same time. I think the two treatments complement each other perfectly. I can recommend Cindy not enough. I love her calmness and her ability to release tension through the Meridian points.”
Andrea Moser

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is the queen of foot masssages. A natural therapy, reflexology uses gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet and hands. Each such reflex is linked to an organ or body system so that working a reflex on the feet also stimulates a response in the body.

I have seen amazing results for digestive issues, PMS, stress in general, turning breach babies, reducing migraines, especially when combined with acupressure points and a head massage.

The benefits of Reflexology are acknowledged by many doctors and other health care professionals. The therapy is well established and used in primary healthcare settings.

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Full Body Aromatherapy

A beautiful full body massage using fragrant botanical oils. Carefully selecting the oils to cater for your needs on the day, and blending them together into a massage oil is really what sets this treatment apart.

Aromatherapy is a gentle relaxing massage allowing the oils do their magic.

Summer Hair

Indian Head Massage is one of my favourite treatments. Just like the traditional form, my Indian Head Massage includes massage of the shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, face, ears and energy balancing. Using a blend of essential oils that suits your needs it relieves muscle tension, back pain, tightness in shoulders and neck, headaches and busy minds. Indian Head Massage helps relieve congested sinuses and the symptoms of hay fever. And of course it relieves stress and its side-kicks sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia.

So for those among you who simply love oil-based massage this therapy is for you. Chose an hour of Indian Head Neck & Back Massage or combine it with Reflexology in a 90 minute treatment. Mad hair comes free.

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Hot Stone Massage

Massage and Reflexology with hot volcanic stones and organic foot balm melts right through stress and pain.

Volcanic stone retains heat beautifully, penetrates into deeper layers and warms right through the January chill. Hot stone reflexology initiates truly deep relaxation, nothing is quite as powerful and nourishing as this. With all the benefits of a classic massage or reflexology treatment, this is a true force of nature and I love giving them.