Zen Shiatsu Body Therapy

“Before you can hear, much less follow, the voice of your soul, you have to win back your body. You have to go on a pilgrimage beneath the skin.”

— Meggan Watterson

Shiatsu connects us deeply. To our Self, to our breath, our intuition and the wisdom our body holds. When we re-connect to our body, we tune out the world. We begin to truly listen within. When we re-connect to our body we re-connect with who we truly are. It comes with knowing our path and what is right for us in life. It is a space much quieter than our often racing minds. A space in which we can let go of our busyness, the should’s and the to do’s. A safe space to simply be.

And as we cultivate a deeper connection to our body, physcial and emotional healing comes naturally. Belonging, inner peace, self compassion and courage follow. Always.

With it’s roots in Chinese and Japanese medical traditions, Shiatsu is a touch therapy stimulating the smooth flow of Qi in the body promoting wellbeing, stress resilience and flexibility. We use acupressure, gentle movement, supported stretching, fascia and muscle release with profound energy balancing techniques. We tap into the physical and energetic at the same time. Shiatsu is suitable for all ages, each session tailored to the individual. It is equally beneficial as preventative therapy, supports recovery from acute and helps manage chronic conditions.

How does it work and feel?

☼ Shiatsu listens.
☼ It’s deeply relaxing and balancing
☼ It can be energising and used to improve flexibility and mobility, especially after injury or accidents.
☼ Regulates the nervous system allowing body and mind to let go of stress
☼ Gentle rhythm and flow in a treatment is soothing and calming
☼ Strengthens the immune system and supports our hormonal body
☼ Acupressure points directly balance, strengthen and sedate specific areas and help re-balance energetic and therfore physical and emotional flow

When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Shiatsu creates

CONNECTION … to your Self, to your deepest knowing, to your breath, to your intuition, to the wisdom of your body.

TRUTH … Know-it-in-your-gut kind of truth … know-it-in-your-heart. Your soul’s truth. Much less confusing than the thoughts in your head.

TRANSFORMATION … As you deepen the connection to your body, healing comes naturally. Belonging, inner peace, self compassion and courage follow.