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Naturally in Touch with Your Health through Mindful Body Therapy


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Welcome to Ekko Therapies

My name is Cindy Morrissey and I am running my Shiatsu & Holistic Body Therapy clinic from the beautiful seaside village of Malahide as well as a monthly clinic in the Skerries.

I’m a Shiatsu therapist with particular interest in women health, stress & trauma work, and joint mobility.
Being of benefit to all I love giving Shiatsu whether you come to see me with back pain, anxiety, post injury challenges or simply to relax. In addition to therapeutic Shiatsu sessions, I offer beautifully tailoured holistic bodywork treatments including Holistic & Deep Tissue Massage, Meridian Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage & Reflexology, Chinese Cupping and GuaSha.

Shiatsu is a respected therapy chosen by many for the prevention and rehabilitation of ill health and mental wellbeing. Each session offers a natural approach to a healthy and energetically balanced life.

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Professional Training & Associations

Shiatsu therapists must complete a three year degree at an approved college. I have trained at Shiatsu College Dublin and have completed seveal postgraduate courses in Ireland and the UK including:
Feeling and Following Qi in Bodywork with Carola Beresford Cooke
Treating Stress and Trauma with Shiatsu by Cliff Andrews
Shiatsu & Energy Release for Fibromyalgia with Helena O’Loughlin
Maternity Shiatsu: Extraordinary Vessels, the menstrual cycle & pregnancy with Suzanne Yates

I am a registered therapist with the Shiatsu Society Ireland (SSI), the National Register of Reflexologists Ireland (NRRI) and the Irish Massage and Bodywork Therapist Association (IMTA).

Health Insurance Refunds

All Irish health insurance providers recognize the benefits of massage and reflexology and offer refunds on treatment fees paid to registered practitioners. I am registered with all three professional associations: SSI, NRRI and IMTA.

If you have private health insurance with VHI, Irish Life (former Aviva), Glo Health or Laya, you may be entitled to claim back some or all of the fees paid for treatments depending on your health care plan. Simply submit your receipt. Check your healthcare plan or contact your provider for details.


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The future in healthcare is integrative of Eastern and Western medicine.

For 15 years a remarkable collaboration between Eastern and Western medicine has been going on in Vienna's hospitals. The traditional Japanese therapy, Shiatsu, has been offered to patients in five specialist hospitals, alongside Western medical treatment.

Hara Shiatus is based on the same pricinples as Acupuncture but instead of needles, the practicioner uses touch, pressure, stretching and support to help the patient feel more balanced and revitalized.

The aim of shiatsu is not to focus on the patient's symptoms but to strengthen and nourish their Ki, the Japanese word for life energy or vitality. This helps to restore the patients natural healing powers at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The question is not Shiatsu or conventional medicine. The answer is that Shiatsu should fit into normal medicine.

120 patients were treated and 80% really improved. About half of the patients improved in a significant way that surpassed all our expectatons.

If you need an artificial hip, a Shiatsu therapist cannot help you. If you want to avoid the artificial hip you're much better of with a Shiatus therapist. There is a whole range of problems and diseases where conventional medicine should be promoted. And then there are problems and diseases … where we should look at other ways of treating. With Shiatsu you fare better, it's cheaper and you attain better health and quality of life.